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In this blog, I am writing my pussy licking experiences with ladies nuts about pussy licking, and my thoughts on pussy lkcking and other things. I believe most women like cunnilings, but unfortunately only some of them can be satisfied with the sexual intercource with their love or husband due to short time pussy licking. I love pussy licking, and you can enjoy only pussy licking for hours until you get satisfied. It's my pleasure if you get interested in such a new world. (more on myself)


Please feel free to get contact with me. An invitation of a pussy licking date with me, and even just chatting will be welcome. After getting your mail address, I will not bother you by sending mails from me, and I will just reply to your mail. When you have a date with me, I will pay for room charge, meal, etc. So you do not have to pay for anything.

mail: nameinutokyo@gmail.com
twitter: http://twitter.com/nameinu_tokyo
ask.fm: http://ask.fm/nameinu_tokyo
LINE: nameinu.tokyo

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